Important Policy Updates

 ASCeXAM Policy Notice: (2/6/2017) 

For Fellows who completed their training after June 30, 2009:

This change in Certification Policy affects all fellows who will complete their training on or after June 30, 2009 (i.e. those who began their training after July 1, 2006). Specifically, fellows completing their fellowship after June 30, 2009 can ONLY qualify for certification by completing Level II training in echocardiography (6 months of formal training in echocardiography) during their fellowship including the satisfactory performance of at least 150 transthoracic echocardiograms and the interpreting of at least 300 transthoracic studies. Additional certification in stress echocardiography requires the performance and interpretation of at least 100 stress echocardiograms while additional certification in transesophageal echocardiography requires the performance of at least 50 transesophageal echocardiograms.

Individuals who fail to satisfy these requirements during their fellowship can only qualify for certification by obtaining additional training in an ACGME accredited or other nationally accredited fellowship program. For this group, practice experience will no longer be accepted as an alternative to formal training

(*For those physicians who completed their fellowship training by June 30, 2009, the practice experience pathway will still remain an option to you.)

 ASCeXAM Policy Notice: (2/6/2017) 

Clarification of Interpretation of a Echocardiographic Study for purposes of Certification:

Interpretation by a Trainee is defined to be independent reading and reportingof an echocardiographic study followed by review with, or under the directsupervision of, an attending physician. Studies read by an attending with thetrainee as an observer are not to be counted.

While this has always been the intention of the NBE, this strict definition will be applied to fellows who begin their training on or after July 1, 2010.

This policy clarification is outlined in the ASCeXAM Certification Application and letters were also mailed to all Fellowship Training Directors in March and September 2010.