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Monday, May 16, 2016
Exam Date: 
Monday, July 25, 2016

 Registration Deadline for the ASCeXAM is May 16, 2016 at 12:00 PM EST!



Examination of Special Competence in Adult Echocardiography (ASCeXAM®)


To apply for an NBE examination please click “Apply Online” located on the NBE’s website homepage. If you are a first time applicant please choose the “register for a new account” link on the login page to create a profile and have access to the online examination applications. Once you created a new account and entered your personal information an automated email will be sent containing your candidate ID # and default password. Please keep this information for future logins. If you have previously created an NBE account please log in using your existing candidate ID # and password to submit your 2016 ASCeXAM application and fee. If you have an existing NBE account but you cannot remember your candidate ID # or password (and the email we have on file is correct) please click the” forgot your login” option located on the login page. If your email on file has changed since you created your account you will need to email The information will be provided to you via the email address in which the request is received.

Although NBE prefers candidates apply online via the website, if you wish to pay the examination fee via check or money order please contact NBE’s office for an alternate option.


The following documentation is required to successfully complete the 2016 NBE ASCeXAM® application:

  • Completed, signed, and received application before the registration deadline (please see handbook for deadline dates).
  • A copy of your current license to practice medicine with an expiration date.


If you do not have a valid license to practice medicine, the following documentation is required:

  • An original, notarized letter from the program director stating you are currently enrolled and in good standing in an ACGME accredited training program.



The following documentation is required to successfully complete the 2016 NBE ASCeXAM® application:

If your current medical license does not contain an expiration date, you are required to supply One of the following:

  • An original letter from the Medical Council stating the duration (in years) that your medical license is valid for OR that it is permanent


  • An original Certificate of Good Standing from the Medical Council; dated no more than 12 months prior to the date the application is received by NBE.



All documentation must be supplied in English. If original documenta­tion is not in English, a certified translation must be attached to each document. The applicant will be responsible for all costs associated with certified translation. Please allow yourself appropriate time to obtain your certified translation or medical license if necessary. NBE recommends when using standard mail please opt to obtain proof of delivery.



NOTE: Only a copy of an applicant's current license to practice medicine or letter of good standing, completed application, and the application fee is required to sit for the ASCeXAM®.

Computer-Based Examination Policies and Procedures

For Computer-Based Examination Procedure and Policies please Click Here.


Physicians who passed the ASCeXAM® in 1996-2015, use the conversion application in the ASCeXAM Certification Application to apply for board certification.

For Physicians who participated in the 2015 ASCeXAM®, please refer to the ASCeXAM Certification Requirements and Application provided on our website.

The certification application and supporting documents are not required to register for the examination and can be submitted at any time.

Note: For those interested in taking the ASCeXAM® and applying for certification: The practice experience pathway will no longer be available to those physicians who complete their cardiovascular disease fellowship training after June 30, 2009. For those physicians the only route to certification will be through the fellowship pathway.


The application for Change in Certification Status in Echocardiography can be found in the 2015 ASCeXAM® Certification Application.

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